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Our Purpose


Personal Responsibility as it relates to citizenship and civil liberties.

   Personal Responsibility as it relates to the dire consequences of alcohol abuse.

Personal Responsibility as it relates to architectural and attitudinal barriers facing individuals with limitations...


                   Our focus is to enlighten; to educate; to stimulate and to promote the understanding that citizenship and civil liberties, and the security of our freedom is a personal responsibility.

      To present informative material; produce films, create stimulating lecture presentations, consult and design programs on the topics of personal responsibility as it pertains to preserving our Civil Liberties and the dignity of all citizens; to the abuses of alcohol, the dire consequences of drinking and driving, and architectural and attitudinal barriers that individuals with limitations face on a daily basis.

   To advance civil liberties 

                   Produce Town Hall Meetings

                                 To educate

 Assist communities and school systems in developing programs and seminars.    


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The Purpose and The Vision:

Our Purpose

Our National Proposal and Vision

In Defense of our Civil Liberties  


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Articles by Philip J. Rappa

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Lawyer's Band to Save the Constitution 

Raid on Patrons


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Philip's Personal Story

Philip's Presentations on Personal Responsibility


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